Rochelle writes about her travels, cultural influences and personal experiences. Her poems; furnished with deep imagery and functional metaphors provide clear pathways into her world and her ethos. She has been a part of numerous literary fests around India – Goa Art & Lit Fest 2018, Bengaluru Poetry Festival 2017, Poets Translating Poets Festival 2016, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2018/2016 and Cri de Femme International Poetry Festival 2015 to name a few. She has performed on stages across India, Australia, Malaysia and Nepal.

She curates a monthly poetry open mic in Mumbai called ‘Words Tell Stories’ that features local and international artists, and runs a slam series called ‘Mumbai Poetry Slam’. She put out India’s first poetry and music album titled ‘Best Apology Face’ with Melbourne composer Meena Shamaly in March 2017. Her debut collection of poetry, ‘When Home Is An Idea’ was published by Bombaykala in August 2017
. She endorses hugs.